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- Aristotle

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The last of the trip, home and thanks

We are home now. I didn't get to post much as it was so hard to type on that little computer but I will fill in the blanks!
The last few days in Taiwan were spent.. yes, eating!! LOL... I made Jeb bring us back to that great restaurant we went the second night.. I am sitting here drooling thinking how can I cook that food here at home??
Anyways we did make it to Taipei 101 and a Jade market on Saturday. And we did see some really cook fireworks on Saturday night.. but we were in a hurry to get to the restaurant so we didn't see all of them!!
Then on Sunday Jeb, LiLing and Mia came to get us at the hotel.. final check out and then to lunch with Mia's friend Tina (she was an exchange student last year also but didn't stay the whole year.. but I have been emailing with her so I wanted to meet her finally!!) We did lunch and then headed to the airport.
Kara's mom and dad met us there and we said our good byes.. I really started to cry because I was so upset about not seeing Mia for so long!! We have made a promise between families that Mia will come to the US for her 21st birthday in 2011 and then I am going to start saving and saving so we can go over there in 2012 for the winter time to go to Harbin to see the ice city!!
So away we went for the LONGEST ride home ever. I don't get the whole thing.. going there to Asia takes 22 hours.. but coming home only take 16?? BUT we had a 10 HOUR layover in LA! We were so tired! I finally told Jay that I didn't care what we looked like I needed to sleep.. so we went to a corner area and layed our blanket down and the baby and I fell asleep.. Jay stayed awake and stood guard ... but it wasn't a good sleep.. then on the plane.. they turn the heat up to make the passengers sleep.. I was so miserable! For whatever reason.. and in all the traveling I have done this has never happened.. but my ankles swelled up on the flight..
But then we arrived in Orlando.. Chris came to pick us up and Cooper gave him a big smile!! We got home and both big girls came outside to greet us.. then Chase and Ali came out still rubbing their eyes.. but within minutes we were in the house unpacking and playing and everything just seemed NORMAL!!
Cooper LOVES Chase!! Ali shows signs of jealousy! But Cooper seemed to love our house.. he just started running around to every room like he had been here before.. and then sat down and started to play with the toys.
We went to have Chicken Wings with Haseena last night so that Cooper could say hi..
And it is crazy.... having 5 kids!! (that includes Kara our exchange student!! )LOL!!!!
Many thanks to all the adoption families that helped us out, to Mia and her mom and dad for being WONDERFUL host and tour guides and to Bethany and the girls in Kansas that helped us out with our adoption!!


*Overflowing* said...

Welcome home precious Cooper!

Anonymous said...

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